Saturday, November 24, 2012

D Sibs Day Reminder!!!

It's almost's coming....

Do you have a sibling who is your support system? Who has been there for you through the ups and downs (literally)?!

Does your child have a sibling like that?

If so help us honor them!

We have dedicated one day of Diabetes Awareness Month to these special siblings!

Whether you blog,Facebook, tweet or do You Tube videos you can participate!

Tell us about this special Sib,what makes them special and how they support you or your D kid.

Share pics, stories and more!

Feel free to share them on the Facebook page as well!

We look forward to hearing all about these awesome DSibs!

1 comment:

bvrooks said...

I recently found your blog through Reyna and I am currently making my way through all of your past posts. You are an absolutely amazing D-Mama & and inspiration to persevere. Thanks for sharing all that you do & I look forward to gettin to know you & your beautiful boys :-)

Celebrate With Us!